Lomita Railroad Museum
2137 West 250th Street, Lomita, California 90717

Moving The Locomotive

Unloading Mogul 1765 in Lomita

To set the locomotive on the museum track, a temporary extension was built into the street so that the dollies could be moved up each side of the extension.

Unloading Mogul 1765 in Lomita

The locomotive was moved onto the temporary track and was jacked up and blocked so that the dollies and girders could be removed.

Lomocomotive being prepared for final position

The blocks were removed and the locomotive 1765 was lowered onto the temporary track.

Unloading Mogul 1765 in Lomita

A cable was attached to the locomotive and it was pulled onto the museum track by a winch and rigging on the truck.

Ol' Southern Pacific 1765 finally at home in Lomita.

The locomotive was rolled onto the museum track, coupled to the tender, and set in its final resting place just as daylight was fading away.